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Thursday, August 13, 2020


Windows Updates - A Must!

With Windows 10 Microsoft implemented a new way to update the operating system. It releases minor patches regularly. Can be weekly at times. These will get installed automatically if you have your updates set to automatic. These act pretty much the same as we have been used to. The problems start with major "Feature Updates". These are what used to be called "Service Packs". These DO NOT install automatically.

These "Feature Updates" actually rebuild the entire operating system when they are installed. This is a completely new concept. This has pros and cons to it. With "Service Packs" you could choose to ignore them. With "Feature Updates" you can not ignore them. Microsoft has put in safety measures to make sure you do them as they a critical security patches and fixes they want to make sure are done.

If your computer is running slow or programs are not working properly there is a good chance you have a "Feature Update" waiting to be installed. This is Microsoft's way of forcing you to update. I get so many calls about a computer running slow for no reason or all of a sudden a program wont open or crashes. These are key signs you need to run updates!

Good aspect of "Feature Updates" -

  • Odd operating system issues usually get fixed with the installation of a "Feature Update".
  • Forces everyone to keep their devices patched and secure.

Bad aspect of "Feature Updates" -

  • Take a long time to install and reboot. Can take a few hours.
  • When they are waiting to be installed you do not get any alerts they need to be done.
  • Slow down your computer if you do not do them.
  • Reset all your default programs, which can be very annoying if you customize them. The one people notice a lot is what program opens PDF files. After an update it is always Edge (browser). Most people want Adobe PDF Reader. You have to reset this every time.

How to check if a "Feature Update" is waiting -

  • Click on the start menu (white window in the lower left corner).
  • Choose Settings (gear icon).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window and choose "Update & Security".
  • If you see the Feature Update screen below, click on "Download and Install".

Windows Feature Update Screen

This update can take a few hours to download and install. You will see a "Restart Now" button when its ready to be restarted. Restarting can also take a long time and might restart a few times. the first time you log into the computer, it will take a minute or two longer as it has to reset your profile too.

Never do these updates in the middle of a work day.