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Setting up Dual Monitors

Most modern desktops and laptops can support dual monitors right out of the box. They will come with a VGA (blue), HDMI, and/or displayport connections. VGA has been around forever and usually has a blue connection. HDMI looks like a USB connection with 2 slanted ends. DisplayPort looks like a USB connection with only 1 slanted end. DisplayPort is primarily used with Dell desktops. Another other if you only have a VGA cable and only have a HDMI port free you can get an adaptor on Amazon for around $8. Look for VGA to HDMI cable.

VGA VGA HDMIHDMI DisplayPortDisplayPort

Each monitor will connect to one of these jacks. Many use VGA and HDMI. It does not matter what monitor uses which connection.

Once you have both monitors connected and on, you can configure the settings as needed.

  1. Right click on the desktop and choose Display Settings.
  2. You will see the screen below. Click Identify so you know which monitor is which number. You will see a white number appear on each montior.

    Display Settings
  3. Make sure the numbers that appear on your monitors match what you see in the display settings screen. If not click on a monitor/number and drag it to the right spot. The image should represent what you see when you click Identify.  *** This will control how your mouse goes from screen to screen. If your mouse is not going between screens like you want then the monitors are not in the proper order above.

Main Monitor

The main monitor is the one that the search bar appears on and when a window opens it automatically goes there. Everyone has a different preference on which monitor (left or right) they like to be their main monitor.  You can change this if it is not correct.

  1. In the display settings screen above, click on the monitor you want to be the main monitor. It should be in blue now.
  2. Scroll down the page until you see "Multiple displays".
  3. Click "Make this the main display".

Display Settings


Now you should be all set with dual monitors.


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