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EasyDNNGallery Module - Gravity Theme

EasyDNNGallery and the Gravity Theme - Using this theme causes a folder to be created in the root called GravityImages. This folder very quickly becomes HUGE. A client had over 30K folders with 1 image in each folder. For my client this caused the File Manager not to load. Others have had Page Settings not load too.  The only fix to this at this time is to NOT use the Gravity theme at all.

We have always used the LightBox theme and never had this issue. Once the client converted all photo galleries to the light box theme we had to get rid of this GravityImages folder. That was not an easy task since it was so big. We had to delete it from the server first. Then through site assets it took trying to delete the folder 4 times before it finally went away. Then the File Manager loaded with no issues at all!